Medical Waste Incinerator

Product Specifications : Medical Waste Incinerator
Medical Waste Incinerator, Incinerator
Specifications-type Pyrolytic combustion
Construction requirements of the incinerator-Incinérateur Gas or electric and designed to
Minimize noise during operation
Prevent the release of black smoke and fine dust during loading and operation of waste
Allow for regular and complete combustion of the waste
Allow automatic operation requiring little, if any monitoring and ensuring optimal and safe operation
Provide limited consumption of gas or electricity
Provide fire safety for the entire installation
Install a protective shelter of the incinerator.rated
Capacity-Incinérateurs Capacity of at least 5 to 7 kg / h
Temperature combustion and post-combustion
Combustion temperature: at least 900 ° C- After burner temperature: at least 1100 ° C.Range and operating time-Operation Optimal and uninterrupted for at least 06 hours in a row.
Quality of treatment-Fumée Emitted less harmful and whitish
General Design-Ensure Maximum protection and operator safety.-provide A fume extraction device
Combustion-Set The combustion chamber between 900 and 1000 ° C-Non Combustion with a thermometer probe and numerically displaying its inner temperature.atmospheric emissionsAtmospheric emissions will be done according to the rules and standards:Concentrations in mg / Nm3 of flue gas reported at 11% oxygen
Substances:Daily averages:- Total Dust: 10-30- Organic in the state of gas or vapor, expressed as total organic carbon (TOC) substances:: 10 – 15- Hydrogen chloride (HCl): 10-15- Hydrogen fluoride (HF): 1-3- Sulphur dioxide (SO2): 50-60- Carbon monoxide (CO): 50-90-Speed Injection of greater than 8 m / sec air emissions.
Related SERVICES-the Delivery of the incinerator must be accompanied by the provision of a number of services.Installation of the incineratorFlush and startup of the incinerator on the site in accordance with requirements prescribed by it.formation- Trained in the use and preventive maintenance of the incinerator of the manipulator (operator incinerators.Toolbox and wear parts-Provide Toolkits for maintenance-Provide A toolkit for each incineratorwarranty-At Least one (01) year from the date of delivery.-Take Into account the replacement of defective parts or any other book accompanying the delivery of the incinerator