Incinerator YD-150 with Stainless Steel Wet scrubber-Cooling Spray tower



Burning Rate

Average 150 kgs/hour

Feed Capacity

Average 300 kgs/feeding

Primary Combustion Chamber

1500 Liters

Secondary Combustion Chamber

500 Liters

Mix Combustion Chamber


Smoke Filter Chamber


Feed Mode






Fuel Type

Diesel Oil/ Natural Gas/LPG


Italy Original

Oil Consumption (Diesel Oil)

17–36 kg/hour

Gas Consumption (Natural Gas)

11–36.7 m3/hour

Internal Dimensions

150 x 100 x 96cm (primary chamber)

External Dimensions

240 x 170 x 380cm (without chimney)

Temperature Monitor


Oil Tank Capacity(if oil fuel)

300 Liters

Door Opening

59 x 81cm

Chimney Length

10.0 Meters

Chimney Type

Stainless Steel

Equipment Gross Weight

7500 kgs

before start the 2nd burner, full close all air valve on the 1st chamber. other operation keep same. 
reason: at the first 10-20 min burnning the plactic waste, deflagration combustion in the chamber. 
after 10-20 min, gradually increase air injection by air valve on the 1st chamber.
meanwhile, proposal 20-30 min burnning of the 1st chamber, stop the 1st burner(stop fire only, the fan inside the burner 
still working), let the plastic burn itself(Spontaneous combustion) to save diesel oil.
a small waste to energy project to turn municipal solid waste 



Main Product List

Primary Combustion Chamber


Secondary Combustion Chamber


Mix-Combustion Chamber


Smoke Filter Chamber(Dry Scrubber)


Incinerator Control Case(PLC Auto.Type)



*(upgrade to Stainless Steel, free cost)


Italy oil/gas burner: 02 sets


Oil Tank (if oil fuel): 300Liters


Optional Part:

Stainless Steel Wet scrubber(Cooling Spray tower)


into electricity. The project is to cater for a local council with a population of around 60,000 people and will serve as a 
pilot project. If project is successful than other such plants will be installed in other towns and villages. The villages 
will all cater for the MSW in their locality instead of a central large incineration plant to cate for the whole county.for a 7 ton per 
hour plant on turn-key basis with your best price and delivery including full technical specifications, literature, drawings 
and best export price.
Provided you can offer a good solution there is a chance of selling many more such plants for the local councils of the same 
country, so this is an excellent chance for you to join forces with our company for market penetration with your products in 
1. TS100 model with dry scrubber system
2. YD150 with a wet scrubber system

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