Burner capable of taking care of in between 300 & & & & 500 kgs fitted with the damp scrubber system

Automatic loading as well as filling up with capacity of 10 to 12 lots daily working with gas treatment methods as well as gas fuel as well as additionally should abide by the European Standards.the Federal Government Health Care Center for Medical Waste Burner with the sticking to Requirements. they are having basic wastes like cells, plastic containers etc, wastes stemming from work camps, to be incinerated, they require, 50kg/hr burner
MEDICAL WASTE INCINERATOR.our healthcare facility produce 40 kg daily from all waste product
–– – – Ability: 1000 kg/h
–– – – Kind waste
––: hazardous waste – – Other needs: Automatic waste filling system as well as exhaust therapy system.
1. Ability: 100kgs per batch
2. Temperature
I. Primary Chamber 600- 800
ii. Secondary chamber 850- 1500
3. Consumption per set: 3.2 humans resources.
4. Gas intake: 7 litres per set. Incinerator with the capacity of treating in between 300 & & & & 500 kgs fitted with the wet scrubber system.complete Heater with a capacity of 500kgs/ hr with a wet scrubber tool. a 10-20Kg per hr of residential waste? I would like to recognize what is the minimum capacity burner you have in circumstances we need something smaller?a Waste Burner of 500 Metric Tonne per day burning ability as I am in ownership of a massive quantity of mixed/municipal waste (4/5 million tonnes) of the following cosmetics (52% natural, 12% plastic, 16% paper, 6% metal, 4% glass and also 10% various other). The EU codes of the waste are as abide by: 20 03 01, 19 12 10 and also 19 12 12.
Amongst the important making a decision facets of the possible supplier is the power usage of the technique, showed either per human resources or daily and likewise I would absolutely value if such information can be made available.